locked in a room, looking down


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All week I've been working intensively in a room with a team writing a proposal. I worked a bit late again today, and before I left I went into the President's corner office and looked out the window. In an older, 14 storey building in the midst of downtown and a lot of MUCH TALLER buildings, the most interesting direction too look is down. Bay Street at Adelaide Street, Toronto.


image from www.flickr.com

"Remembered Sustenance" – a sculpture on Wellington Street near John Street. I've read the sculpture of strange little animals is meant to be playful. I thought it was playful to photograph it from the vantage point of the strange animals' butts.  Moreso the thought of what the passers by were thinking of me photographing statue butts.



  1. Carol March 17, 2012

    LMAO…Now that, statue butts, would have been one for Ceri to take a picture of in the hope that he caught a passerby 🙂
    Love the first pic! Great shapes in it!
    C x

  2. Jennifer March 17, 2012

    Hehe! Unfortunately Ceri was not there. Re: the first pic, I took a number of them, others with nice movement, but I liked that one too, for the shapes, kind of made by the positioning of the people.

  3. Jamie Lees March 26, 2012

    Love the butts! Where IS THIS STUFF you find. I agree… you need to publish a “Walking Toronto” book.

  4. Jennifer March 30, 2012

    haha! With all the city renewal and replacing old buildings with towering glass, there is a commitment to city art to continue the idea of beautification. There is controversy around whether a lot of this stuff is ‘beautifying’ – but most of it is interesting. This one is close to the CBC Broadcast Centre on Wellington. I like it – unassuming, it could surprise a passerby. And little kids love it, I’m sure.

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