little boy whistling

That crazy mess posted this morning has to do with a number of things.  I'm not going to explain all of them.  But I will say, I've been away from my home for the better part of a week and won't get back there for a number of days yet.  Part of that is because I was in Chicago last week with a work training thing.  Part of it is because this week I'm staying with young Sam again while his mother is away on business. 

Suddenly my world is revolving around kid homework and getting him out to school on time and conversations like “yeah, well Kid, grade four girls won’t like you when your fingernails look like THAT.”  And the accomplice, Sam’s dog, whose primary concern in life is SQUIRREL!

Today, after the dog was fed and had barked all the squirrels their final warnings for the morning, and the kid, in some clean clothes with a full belly and more or less tamed bed-hair sauntered off into the schoolyard, I took with me into my day the sounds of whistling I'd heard from him as he played over the weekend.  The kind of whistling that comes from a happy boy inventing remarkable inventions in a fantastic world in his mind.

Little boy whistling. Beautiful thing number 73. 


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    Marilyn November 8, 2011

    What a lovely post. Time spent with children is special, we gain another perspective on life. Your words “…inventing remarkable inventions in a fantastic world in his mind.” says it all.

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    Jennifer November 8, 2011

    Aw thanks Marilyn. Seeking that other perspective is something we should always strive to do. It keeps our brains working, and makes us capable of inventing remarkable inventions of our own!

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    Sherrill November 9, 2011

    You are a wonderful Auntie and cousin. Sam is so lucky to have you with him. Mia is so lucky to be able to NOT worry like a lot of moms would do when they’re away.
    You are such a wonderful writer… such admiration for you… in more than one way!
    <3 Sherrill

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    Jennifer November 9, 2011

    Sherrill what a beautiful thing to say. I am grateful for my entire family, I am so rich in love. And as an honourary member of my family, you’re demonstrating that here.
    Love you lots and your comment is beautiful thing number 74.

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