After work Ceri and I meet up at Fran’s for steak salads on the patio and chat and watch the world go by.  It’s been another hot day and sun dresses float by on women everywhere.  As a collection of them walks over to a table on the patio, I remark that every one of them has a pattern I wouldn’t pay money for in a million years.  Ceri says that he was thinking all the dresses weren’t looking so bad.

It’s a beautiful summer evening and we’re reluctant to leave, so we linger longer than usual.  As my friend Lisa said yesterday, it’s what we wait all winter for, no?

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I like how this light splays a starburst on the wall. Fran's, Front Street, Toronto

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Fran's patio. Front Street, Toronto

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I have never been to Shakespeare in the Park. I'm thinking this is the summer…

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Deco light. Fran's patio, Front Street, Toronto


  1. Susan Partlan June 21, 2012

    I love the deco light. Keeping shooting :).

  2. Jennifer June 23, 2012

    I love it too! And thanks, I will!

  3. Selma June 24, 2012

    I love the image of the sun dresses floating by. And the light play. The deco light is amazing!

  4. Jennifer June 25, 2012

    There was a plethora of sun dresses!

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