lightposts and lilacs


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That little fella was posing – or his attention was on the big, raucus bird party going on in those trees.


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You can't imagine what it smelled like to walk by this wall of late blooming lilacs. No you can't.


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Beautiful, gothic looking lampost in the Toronto Music Garden.


This morning before work I make my breakfast and enjoy it, and then my lunch because I didn't make it last night.  Before I put my makeup on and get dressed I finish loading the dishwasher and run it and clean those last few un-dishwasherable things in the sink and sip my coffee with pleasure. 

I go to the gym over a late lunch, even though we had a meeting at noon and technically that was lunch.

I shop a little on the way home.  It's hot, and I'm glad to get in.  I try a new recipe for cauliflower fritters and decide I might try them again but with certain changes, like ditching the garlic and adding some onion and something bitey like mustard and/or chili powder. While the things are cooking I sort the laundry and throw a load in.

I don't have today's picture yet so after I've cooked and eaten, I go for a walk over to the Toronto Music Garden.  It's much changed from the two weeks since I've been there last – plants are spilling everywhere and there's a rowdy bird party going on in the trees.  I shoot a bunch of shots, and decide I should walk back home and then wonder, why?  Why leave a garden in a hurry?

When I do get home I go down to the parking garage where my bike is sitting in many layers of dust and dirt.  I give it a good washing down and pump up the tires and I'm tempted to take it for a spin but I'm thinking of the shape of my kitchen after the new recipe tryout and the laundry that needs to be transitioned from washer to hanger-up thingy or dryer.

I deal with the laundry and I clean up the kitchen and take a shower and sit down to sort out the photos.  I'm glad I didn't take too many. 

Suddenly it's bedtime and again I didn't get around to visiting blogs or responding to comments on mine and I STILL didn't shorten those pants, and my place STILL looks a mess.  But one couldn't fault me for not stopping to smell the roses.  And tomorrow's another day.


  1. Selma June 1, 2012

    I love your title and the bird on the first lamp post. The whole thing is a poem in itself. Lovely!

  2. Jennifer June 4, 2012

    Aw, thanks pal! I liked how that bird turned out too.

  3. Carol June 7, 2012

    Household chores can wait after all…only dull women have perfect homes and you, lovely lady, are not dull!
    C x

  4. Jennifer June 7, 2012

    Chores shmores. That’s what I say.

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