jelly legs

After dinner I decide I want to go for a bike ride.  I'm feeling like a nice easy evening bike ride, but find it's still kind of windy.  Windy enough to get me not a little winded and wondering why my legs don't want to work harder than they do.  

About halfway as far as I'd intended to go I stop to get these shots.  Because I didn't have today's picture of the day; not because of yesterday's Pilates class.  


image from
image from


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    Carol July 25, 2012

    I love the little sliver of moon you can see in the first one!
    C x

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    Susan Partlan July 25, 2012

    The light and dark contrasts in the second photo are what really caught my eye.

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    Louella Charlston July 26, 2012

    We took almost identical photo’s. Look at my July 22nd photo and your top one!!
    Amazing night!!

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    Selma August 6, 2012

    Such serenity in these shots. I feel at peace just looking at them!

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