island soul on monday off

It's the Island Soul festival at the Harbourfront Centre, and we enjoy the islandy-ness a lot. This year they're celebrating the 50th anniversary of   the independence of both Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, and lucky us – steel drum gorgeousness!  It's a pleasant and happy vibe and an oh-so-welcome Monday off after an eventful and busy weekend.


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Watched these dancers while waiting in line for some roasted corn.


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Steel drum gorgeousness. How do they get those melodies out of those things?


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Little paddler, big paddler.


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Balloon hat man



  1. Reply
    Selma August 7, 2012

    It’s really uplifting to hear steel drums. Just makes you feel good. And you also can’t help but dance. Oh yeah!!!

  2. Reply
    Sian August 7, 2012

    sounds like a great way to spend a monday!

  3. Reply
    Jennifer August 8, 2012

    Agree! They absolutely are one of the most cheerful instruments around!

  4. Reply
    Jennifer August 8, 2012

    Sure was – wish I could spend all my Mondays like that!

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