indigo sky, crescent moon

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It's bloody cold today, but I made myself get out for a walk.  I'm glad I did because the colour of the sky was the most gorgeous gradation of blues: from asure to cobalt to indigo to navy to midnight.  And probably a whole lot of others I couldn't define.  And it's not even supper time yet.

Queens Quay West, Toronto


  1. Sheryl January 1, 2012

    LOVE how you’ve captured the color Jen! My camera never seems to capture the true color…

  2. Jennifer January 1, 2012

    My friend, if I’m honest, the colours in this photo don’t even come close. And the moon – it was a beautiful sharp, white, rockin’ crescent – THAT’s what made the picture. But it was the most significant moment of the day, and so I tried…

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