i adore her run-on sentences

For the past six months or so I've been going to the library over the occasional lunchtime.  It's next to the mall where a complimentary shuttle bus runs back and forth from my office building.  With the ride there and back, I get about forty minutes to browse.  Now, if you're anything like me, that's a lot of books to consider in the space of forty minutes.  Oh yeah sure, you probably have a running list of "to reads" and can be in and out within the space of ten minutes.  I'm just not that organized.  And I like spontaneous decisions (though there are those who would probably say I've made one too many of those).  But I do like the idea of a book just making itself known to me – of my hand settling on it and me reading the back cover and deciding, "yes, this is the one I'll read this week."

So before Christmas, I'm standing in the library feeling a little pressured by the forty minute constraint, when I decide I'll just stick to the first letter of the last names on the shelf in front of me.  I'll exhaust my interest in the "O" section before moving on to another letter. Hence my running reading list posted on facebook looking something like this:  O'Hagan, O'Hagan, O'Neil, O'Brien…

Edna O'Brien.  Now this writer can weave life into a story.  I'm savouring every word and every marvellous drawn out sentence.  Lately I'm wishing the morning ride to work could be a little longer so I can get a few more pages in. 

And thinking that spontaneous decisions are way good.

book cover of
The Light of Evening
Edna O'Brien


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    I have been meaning to get myself back into the library down the block for months and months. You’ve inspired me.

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    Jennifer January 26, 2010

    Oh glad to hear it Tricia. We can compare notes!

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    Reluctant Blogger January 26, 2010

    Isn’t it odd though what makes us choose a particular book. I can never work out why I do – it’s a combination of cover, title, name of author and a quick flick through. Usually I make sound decisions so it must work.
    Not that I’ve read much recently.

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    Jen January 26, 2010

    Yeah – all those things factor in for me too RB. Lately I’ve been enjoying these Irish and Scottish writers, so last time it was seeing the “O'” that got me to pull a few off the shelf! Sometimes I’m in the mood for a female author – sometimes a male. I couldn’t explain why I would differentiate that (though my mother used to claim she only liked female authors). But the library decisions are pretty much off the cuff and they usually work for me too.

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    Selma January 28, 2010

    I love Edna O’Brien. I read The Light Of Evening recently. Really enjoyed it. I tend to choose titles that are a little poetic. I don’t know why. They almost have to sing to me.

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    Jennifer January 28, 2010

    That’s funny you read the same book so recently! I like the title of this one – a poetic title is good a reason as any to me!

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