happy birthday kelsey

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Happy birthday to my beautiful girl.  Woman.  Happy birthday to my grown up gorgeous gal Kelsey.  You have been a delight since you came into my life.  I'm so lucky.  I'm sure everyone who knows you would say the same.  You're going to be an amazing 27 year old, kid!


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    Jamie Lees January 9, 2012

    Happy Birthday 27-year-old-woman-daughter-who-looks-like-her-mother. 🙂

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    Jennifer January 9, 2012

    Why thank you! And yes, she does!

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    Carol January 10, 2012

    I could have sworn I left a message here yesterday! Must be going mad (which is entirely possible!)
    Happy Birthday Kelsey. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    C x

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    Jennifer January 10, 2012

    YOU DID! Typepad mysteriously double-posted this entry the other night, and before I deleted the extra one, I saw your lovely comment. I inadvertently deleted the post with your comment, choosing the wrong one in the queue. You are not mad – I am!
    And thank you – I’m sure Kels very much appreciate your message!

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    Selma January 13, 2012

    Hope you had a great birthday, Kelsey. You are gorgeous!

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