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Meet Glenn Gould. He gives me a nod every morning when I walk by the CBC Broadcast Centre on my way to work.

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In afternoons when I'm walking home, I find him enduring tourists.  He poses with them but really, he'd rather not; Glenn was never much inclined to hang out amongst the masses.

Some days I wish I could just sit next to him there, quietly, and watch the world go by and not have to talk to anybody.



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    Little hat September 1, 2011

    Who was Glenn Gould? Don’t tell me, I;\’ll get lazy. GOOGLE will have the answer.
    That’s true though. Doing nothing is such a luxury. I read a review of a book today which argues that turning off all your communication technology devices is the new measure of wealth. We are all a bit over-addicted to being available. When was the last time I stopped and read a book for more than an allocated 20 minutes between answering emails.?
    I’m trying to keep up Jenn. You’re on a roll.

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    Selma September 1, 2011

    What a fantastic sculpture. He does look like someone it would be nice to sit beside. The detail in his face and clothing is incredible. But he has a peacefulness in his face that can’t be denied. Love him!

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    Jennifer September 1, 2011

    You know that’s funny you bring it up – I’ve been plotting to allocate more time to reading too. (And no I don’t have an electronic book reader.) But I do have all kinds of other electronica and I too am much too addicted to it all. Maybe it should be a mutual goal to tune out more?
    And in that respect, you have my blessing in NOT trying to keep up with me when I’m on a roll! I’m always glad to see you though.

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    Jennifer September 1, 2011

    I quite love it too Selma. He gets a lot of attention. The reclusive fella would have hated that in real life!

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    Marilyn September 2, 2011

    I must admit that I had to Google him – he sounds a most interesting person. He looks like he would be a peaceful person to spend time with on his park bench.
    I have spent the last while tidying up – my thoughts and my work space – have gathered all my writing prompts and aids together at my desk and tomorrow I am making a start on writing. I won’t aim for perfect (big smiles here) but will aim to make a start and to continue and see what happens. I am also learning to sketch as this is another way I would like to tell my story. Writing and sketching will take me away from my computer but that’s a good thing …oh, and I love reading and always have a book or dozen nearby 🙂

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    Jennifer September 2, 2011

    Hi Marilyn!
    I’m not surprised you had to google him. And yes, he does look peaceful, I really love that sculpture.
    HOORAY about the writing start (by now it’ll be today?) And you are absolutely right – don’t aim for perfect. Write now, revise later. Just let it come.
    And I love that you’re sketching too! I am always saying to classes that there are numerous ways in which we can explore stories. It’s very good for you to stretch your creative muscles in news ways. Keep me posted Marilyn! I’m cheering you on from way over here!

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    Marilyn September 4, 2011

    I have made a start. I decided on a day and started on that day. My writing isn’t great but I feel great that I am doing it.
    YAY – and thank you so much for your encouragement and support.

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    Jennifer September 5, 2011

    And don’t judge your writing, please Marilyn. YOU are great for simply doing it. Just keep writing, and know that it just is what it is. (I can assure you it’s something special.)
    So happy to hear this.

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