good morning 2012

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First day of 2012.  Rainy and mild on The Esplanade.

Ceri had the foresight to leave the blinds open wide so that we could look upon the city as we went to sleep (see post previous night).  Awoke to that skyline under bright, sunny skies. He makes a late breakfast of omelette with pancetta and cheese and onion with caraway rye toast and lots of coffee.

Clouds and rain arrive in the space of two hours. On a lazy day like today, you don't mind.  

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Later, after some loafing about, listening to CBC radio and reading, we watch the rest of the American Masters doc about Woody Allen which we'd left halfway through a few weeks ago, and then we go out for late lunch/early dinner at Fionn's in The Esplanade.

I walk home against some extraordinary winds – at Queens Quay and York I feel like I am walking without moving!  Get home and watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind on TCM and later a good, long conversation with Debbie.  

Going to bed early feeling like 2012 is shaping up pretty good already.

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