A favourite song dedicated to the young fellas talking in my office this morning about "just a bunch of damn hippies in a useless 'non-demonstration who didn't have the sense to show up on a weekday.'"

Funny thing was, thirty minutes previous [on this Monday] I'd been waving to the second round of today's march in the "non-demonstration" from the windows of my yoga studio, a few blocks away from our office on Bay Street in Toronto's financial district.  And Saturday's "non-demonstration" was, from what I saw, part of a global "non-demonstration" against a kind of insanity no sane person could deny. 




And despite all the folks who refuse to look out their windows, peace, love and understanding are beautiful things number sixy-seven, sixty-eight and sixty-nine.


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    Susannah October 18, 2011

    Yeah, what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding. I enjoyed the music and the image of you waving from your yoga studio window. It is always good to visit here and read your words. x

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    Jennifer October 18, 2011

    Always good to see you, my friend. xo

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    Selma October 18, 2011

    There are a lot of naysayers surrounding the Occupy protests. It interests me that rather than look at the actual issues (which affect us all irrespective of socioeconomic status) people would prefer to paint the protestors as extremists, unemployed hippies, losers and what have you. Most of them are ordinary, everyday people who are at odds with the current economic structure of our society. I don’t see what is wrong with protesting that. Power to the people!

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    Jennifer October 18, 2011

    It’s easier to be a naysayer – to be complacent about ‘the situation.’ There is nothing wrong with questioning. The instant we stop questioning, is the instant we stop being free.

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    funny rants November 22, 2011

    Really its very very funny thanks for make me smile,the pictures looks very funny nice pictures.

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