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“There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves”
~ Frank Herbert

I've had a couple of conversations with people lately about a yearning I'm feeling this summer – that some sort of change is wanting in me.  I'm not exactly sure what that is, I need to get with a journal and paints and do some serious reflection about what the hell it is that I want.

I've been here before – and it was summer then too.  Maybe it's just a desire to hang on to the summer, or to engender in me the feeling of peace and "slowing down" that comes with it.  It's summer, but there's peace missing.

Something's off balance.  It's not a particulary bad feeling – if one weren't up for changing or growing or enhancing, life would seem pretty dead-end, wouldn't it?  Or maybe that's just the ever restless me.  I don't feel balanced unless I'm moving, otherwise some sort of vertigo sets in.

Face forward, that's my strategy.  If you're always looking down you might miss the signs.

Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10
Bike ride 10 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
 ~Albert Einstein


  1. lisahgolden August 13, 2010

    I understand this feeling. Sometimes it drives me to be a bit of a risk junkie. Lately, though, that unbalanced feeling makes me feel less vertigo and more fatigue.
    Anyway, I LOVE those photos.

  2. Jennifer August 13, 2010

    I can be reckless in the risk department too Lisa – hmmm never thought it to be related to my restlessness. But I do find addressing the discontent lifts me out of the fatigue.
    I came upon the balanced rocks on a bikeride last week. I’ve found them a couple of times in groups like this – they’re such a marvellous mystery, they way they seem to crop up!

  3. Susannah August 14, 2010

    I know that feeling!
    I think just being aware of it and acknowledging it are powerful acts – it is sort of saying ‘I hear you’ to your feelings.
    As you say, keep moving! and keep your instincts alert for the signs and symbols that are yours alone to understand, your internal GPS will take you where you need to go. . . Or time will do its stuff and resolve things without your help. 😉
    Those photos are really amazing!

  4. reluctant blogger August 14, 2010

    Yes, I know that feeling too and like you I get it in summer. Less so this year (although a little bit) but some years it has been overpowering. And yes, I too am drawn to risk (even now I complicate my life for some hard to fathom reason). I think I need to feel intoxicated a lot of the time – so I need new love, or a new project, or change or some challenge facing me, something that excites me and scares me a bit. Otherwise I get a bit slumpy. I rather wish I didn’t though!
    Hope you manage to keep moving without too many wobbles.
    Rather hope we can sit down with a glass or two of wine one day and just talk. It seems to me we are often on the same wavelength and that conversation would flow very easily. But I could be wrong.

  5. Selma August 14, 2010

    I know it too. It is a restlessness of spirit. I think it’s a kind of creativity trying to get out. Or in my case – too much coffee. LOL.
    I wondered if it was a midlife thing but I’m sure I’ve experienced it before. It feels a little like being aware of new possibilities and wanting to grasp them(even though we may not know exactly what they are) before they fade away.
    Those rocks are incredible. I think some elves or fairies must have placed them there!

  6. Marilyn August 14, 2010

    I can relate to all you have written here, Jennifer. I have been experiencing a huge change this whole year – I can’t quite put a finger on it but it’s as if I am growing and my eyes are opening wider – and I like it, although I am finding that the more I learn the less I know. It’s all a balancing act like the rocks in your most awesome photos.

  7. Carol August 16, 2010

    I hear what your saying too…and can relate! I get really twitchy and ‘off’ when I’ve not been creative in a while…it’s something that I have to do!! I can get that feeling in work too and when I do I know that I’m not being challenged enough!!
    I love your rocks. They are totally amazing…I’ve never seen anything like them!!
    C x

  8. Jennifer August 16, 2010

    Yes, the acknowledging an honouring are powerful – you wrote about it wisely in a recent post, Susannah.
    Took a bike ride to that spot yesterday and the balanced rocks still stand two weeks later!

  9. Jennifer August 16, 2010

    RB – we WILL sit down over that bottle of wine, I’ve no doubt.
    I know that desire for intoxication – wanting to find rapture in something new.
    In the meantime, onward I go, wobbles and all. Thanks pal.

  10. Jennifer August 16, 2010

    I’m certain it’s related to creativity too Selma. The unbalance is a product of my needing to express creatively, and not taking/having enough time out to do that. My work/life balance is off kilter too.
    The mystery around those rocks is the best thing about them, I think!

  11. Jennifer August 16, 2010

    Glad to hear it Marilyn – sometimes change begins to happen before we even realise it. Paying attention – that’s the key! And I like it too.

  12. Jennifer August 16, 2010

    I’m convinced it’s about creative juices. Or – a need to apply creative juices to finding what’s needed.
    Found the rocks at the same spot again yesterday. Truly magical!

  13. Absolute Vanilla August 17, 2010

    sounds like a time of shifting and gentle change – a time to look at with anticipation… I love times like that, you never know what the flow of energy will bring you and which journey it will take you on! Enjoy the adventuring!

  14. Jennifer August 17, 2010

    I agree with you AV, that it’s definitely something to anticipate with pleasure. Thanks!

  15. willow August 17, 2010

    These are fabulous, Jennifer. You know, there are three huge rocks stacked at WM, and I often wonder if they’re natural, or stacked there by native americans long ago.

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