eerie and last in thirty days of beauty

I'm waffling.  Does this project symbolize the separation of community and the "virtualization" of relationships in a social media world?  Or does it represent the hope and possibility in joining voices together across the globe?

From my position here on the fence I'll just say that I think it's beautiful in a wonderfully eerie way. 



And thus ends my walk through the 30 Days of Beauty challenge.  Though really, being wowed by and taking note of beauty began many years ago, and won't be over, well, until I am.   


  1. Susannah April 25, 2010

    That was just beautiful. I am sad that your 30 day challenge has come to an end but I am sure that doesn’t mean the end of beauty on your blog! 🙂

  2. Jennifer April 25, 2010

    You’re right pal – the challenge was just an excuse! I’m sure, like your blogs, there won’t be and end to the theme.

  3. willow April 25, 2010

    Ethereal. I loved this.

  4. Selma April 25, 2010

    Just heavenly. I’ll go with the latter option and say it represents hope and possibility. I have so enjoyed your 30 Days of Beauty. You made me notice the beauty all around me. Thank you!

  5. Jennifer April 26, 2010

    Glad, Wills.

  6. Jennifer April 26, 2010

    Thinking… I’m with you. And, I’m honoured.

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