colour – I’ve missed you

I think the most demoralizing thing about winter is, for me, the lack of colour. In April, we finally saw a few bulb flowers emerge – but things were so dull, rainy and cold, even tulips and crocus seemed reluctant to flourish. Flower boxes are being filled up outside of storefronts and that's great, but it's not until nature lets her hair down and goes crazy that the colours really make themselves known in the psyche.

All that rain did encourage more green, as it always does. And now – after several warm, sunshiny days, trees are budding, leaves are popping, and yellow has arrived in the form of forsythia and dandelions.

May is really good at making weather in my part of the world – the humidity hasn't arrived, the sky is clear and blue, flowers are fresh and perky and green is all rich and cool, tempting you to jump in and bathe in it.

Welcome back colour, I've missed you. Today you're beautiful thing number thirty-eight.

Dandelions stylized

Dandelions stylized

Dandelions stylized

Dandelions stylized


  1. Susannah May 10, 2011

    Such a wonderful moment where it all starts, isn’t it!?
    I love the picture of the tree with the blue sky, there is something wonderful about the colour of new leaves. I am glad you got your colour. 🙂
    I don’t know whether your big day (50) has come and gone yet, but again ‘Happy Birthday!’ x

  2. Jennifer May 10, 2011

    Yes it is a wonderful moment! And yes, thanks Susannah, I did have my big day and it was terrific. x

  3. Mark MyWord May 11, 2011

    I appreciate your analogy, that “life is a story”.
    This is a big comfort for me. It explains why I have a constant feeling, that no matter where I go, I am arriving in the middle.

  4. Jennifer May 11, 2011

    I’m glad it’s a comfort – I suppose it is for me too. And I like the idea that you find yourself always arriving in the middle! Glad you visited Mark.

  5. Susan Tiner May 11, 2011

    Jennifer, I like the effects you created with those photos, especially the first one. Spring flowers are so fleeting. Just two weeks ago the wisteria was in full bloom and now most of the blooms are gone. Our landscape is always changing.

  6. Jennifer May 12, 2011

    Thanks Susan. I’m sure my professional photographer friends would cringe at my amateur photoshop attempts, but I’m learning bit by bit!
    Our landscape changing quickly these days too – with a string of warm days, green is exploding everywhere.

  7. Selma May 14, 2011

    Glorious in every way. When the colours of spring return it is as if someone has suddenly pulled a curtain back from a window – just gorgeous. Your photos made me feel really happy!

  8. Jennifer May 14, 2011

    Selma I love your metaphor. It is just like a curtain being pulled back from a window!

  9. Downith May 16, 2011

    Love that blue sky in the second one in particular.

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