coffee shop and bright pink bike

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I love this building at the corner of Richmond and Spadina and its picturesque spot for a coffee shop tucked in the corner, off the street.  That pink bike is part of a multi-location art installation; day-glo painted bikes which are a tribute to cyclists who have been killed in the city streets.  Toronto is not a bike friendly city.  As timing would have it, in the last two days the city has been working to remove bike lanes from a downtown north-south artery, spending much more money to remove them than the previous administration did to install them. Ostensibly the bike lanes are being removed to improve traffic flow.  Funny thing though – just as the bike lanes are being removed, parking metres are being added.  I can't work out how parked cars in what was once a bike lane will improve traffic flow, but then I'm not a civil engineer am I?  Let's just hope there aren't any of those day-glo bikes erected for cyclists now navigating traffic amongst the parked cars and improved traffic flow.



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    Carly November 19, 2012

    I didn’t know about the parking meters, wtf!!! This is mental. grr.

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    Jennifer November 19, 2012

    Yep. I guess they figured it was a nifty way to pay for the removal of the bike lanes?

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