celebrating mary park and the line of women behind us all

Last evening my mother and I were treated to a gorgeous dinner of pasta with shrimp by my daughters at their place.  That my girls have created such a warm and comfortable home gives me a lot of pleasure.  We love to celebrate over meals in our family; it's fortunate that we all love good food, and take its nourishment both physically and spiritually.  As such, events around shared meals are always happy times for us, and they always include lingering conversations around the table. 

It’s magical to celebrate the thread of generations running through us.  My sisters and I have always regretted not having ever known our maternal grandmother, for she is no doubt a source of a substantial part of our sensibilities - the way we see and experience things.  But we feel it; somehow we know this element of us, and that’s the magic part. 

And yesterday I was celebrating my mother.  Steadfast in her love and support, she’s always had my back, from the time I was little to me now at 49.   She is wise, sensible, spiritual, gentle and faithful.  She’s a friend, role model and confidante.  She passed on to me a love of simple pleasures, home cooking, natural fibres, nature and a comfortable home.  And nice feet. 

Yesterday was the day we celebrated it, but every day I’m thankful for my beautiful mother, and the line of strong and wise women behind her, who through that golden thread of ancestry have shaped who my daughters and I have become.  

 Mary Park


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    Ruth May 10, 2010

    Beautiful. Someone said we know ourselves through our mothers. I love this picture of her. Wow.
    You have a LOVELY blog.

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    Jennifer May 10, 2010

    Thanks so much Ruth. I love that picture of her too. 🙂

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    Carly May 10, 2010

    People comment on my nice feet all the time! haha!

  4. Reply
    Jennifer May 10, 2010

    We lucked out with the feet-genes!

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    Rena Helms-Prk May 11, 2010

    Lovely picture of Aunt Mary. She looked the same when I last met her (and with cornflower-blue eyes). Oh, and a beautiful blog.

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    Jennifer May 11, 2010

    Thank you Rena. Her eyes don’t look so blue in that picture, do they?

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    Selma May 12, 2010

    I like the picture too. Your mother has a lot of wisdom in her eyes. This was a really heartwarming story. I like to think of you all sharing a meal together and continuing your traditions. That is such an important part of life.
    Oh, and the equal importance of nice feet cannot be denied….

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    Jennifer May 12, 2010

    You betcha! (re: traditions and feet) 🙂

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    Little hat May 12, 2010

    Here’s to mothers. I had to introduce my knitting author friend (author of knitting books – “Wild Tea Cosies”)recently at her book launch.
    WE have a custom here of acknowledging the traditional owners of the land (the australian Aborigines) at appropriate events. In this case I acknowledged their heritage and skill in making beautiful craft objects and then I acknowledged the traditional knitters of our families – mothers, grandmothers and great ggs. It felt right..

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    Jennifer May 12, 2010

    Feels right from this end too Steve.
    Interestingly, I came across your friend and her Wild Tea Cosies before I came across you! I shared the wonderful things and her website on my facebook page months back! How’s that for a “small” world!

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    mrs mediocrity May 14, 2010

    That was lovely, I really like your blog…and thank you for stopping by my place! Let’s bump into each other more often…

  12. Reply
    Jennifer May 14, 2010

    Thanks so much Mrs. M! I posted your lovely list of garden/life metaphors to a friend’s (a new gardener) facebook page, I loved it so. And yes, let’s do bump into each other often!

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