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monday moments

Today I’m hammering away at my computer in my office with its rectangular windows with their rectangular venetian blinds overlooking a landscape filled with other rectangular concrete office buildings under rainy skies and I get a text from Debbie: “Thinking of you. Taking pictures of lupines in Parry Sound.”

It’s a nice thought – that a bunch of bobbing, wild lupines make your friend think of you. And that she tells you so. And that at least she is standing in a place where they are.


I know she is remembering these, which the two of us took to admiring daily at my father’s cottage a few years ago.

* * *

These days more strangers seem to be smiling at me on my walks to work. It’s probably because last week I was listening to the wonderfully charming audio book, “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society,” and this week I’m listening to David Sedaris read his stories. I’m grinning and snorting and chuckling (and sometimes crying) all the time on my walks to work these days, and finding many passers-by with open faces smiling back at me. Reminder to self: Smiling at strangers always pays off – and it doesn’t even have to be intentional.

* * *

Summer hasn’t even shown herself yet, and still, people are already complaining about the weather. Maybe all of those people are the types that ACTUALLY LIKE seemingly endless winters with seemingly endless snow and ice and seemingly endless strings of -25° days with whipping winds that hurt your whole body when you go outside. Me? I prefer a season with lupines.


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Closed dome over a baseball game late in the season.  Indoor baseball – it just isn't right.  Summer really is over.


broadview avenue and a supportive cough drop wrapper


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Walking back to Mia's today after the streetcar turned around at Dundas.  I knew there would be some photo ops as I walked the rest of the way back. 
Do you have parks at your jails? Not just parks, but parkettes! They're so much cuter, no?
Toronto Jail (Don Jail), Broadview Ave., Toronto

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Toronto city core from the vantage point of Riverdale Park East. Love those clouds.

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I've had a nasty cold since Monday. This from the second package of cough drops I bought, trying to make my presence less felt at work; wherein I happened to notice the supportive messages in the candy wrappers. I like that. I will buy those cough drops again next time.

a little birthday party and a big Khalsa party

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Today I walk out to go shopping for my Happy Birthday Mom (and me) birthday party later.  It's a luscious day.  Luscious enough for a parade. 

When I leave my place I am blown away by heart-stopping drumming coming up Lake Shore.  I try to catch the fab drummers on video with my phone. (I fail.  I can't see the bloody screen on my phone in the bright sun.)   Turns out it's the Sikh community celebrating Khalsa Day.  It sure was a pretty parade, all orange and yellow. 

I take a few pictures, then walk up (five minutes) to the store and spend 30 minutes shopping.  I walk back down and the parade is still filing through! 

Later, Mom, my girls and Ceri and I have a birthday party for my mom.  I make Lemon Asparagus Pasta, salad and grilled cherry tomatoes.  We have cake, and we sing. We enjoy wonderful company.

It's a really good day.

two steel fences, and – ain’t it purty?



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A steel fence. Spadina Avenue, Toronto


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Steel fence, Spadina Avenue, Toronto


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I have to walk under the highway pretty much every day. It's not the most picturesque part of the journey. But it is what it is.


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Someone may or may not be getting a tax refund.


three ships – or a fence


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"I saw three ships come sailing in, come sailing in, come sailing in, I saw three ships come sailing in…"

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A little fence. Spadina Avenue, Toronto

The [big, important] proposal is coming together; feeling better about it than anything I've done since I started this job last June.  Tired though.  Ready for it to be over.

Dinner tonight with Ceri.  I heat up leftover turkey chilli I'd frozen in the freezer.  While messing around in that freezer I found some leftover roasted peppers and onion, and added it to the chilli.  We also had salad wth bocconcini and strawberries (marinated in lemon, lemon zest, oil and wine vinegar), and pita toasted in the oven with olive oil and rosemary. 

It was delicious.

(Bed now – BEFORE eleven.)

Saltwater Flowers and Thirty-Five

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Flowers, created by salt and water in squares on the sidewalk. Light created by dusk and streetlights.  Rogers Centre, Bremner Blvd., Toronto

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Thirty-five. Off Spadina Avenue, Toronto.

another 365 project: today i create

My good friend Jamie has jumped into the 365 project fray with her wonderful art.  It was Jamie who got me exploring aspects of art and creativity I'd abandoned for decades.  It was Jamie who introduced the idea of expressive or therapeutic art to me, and it was because of Jamie that I ultimately wanted to share all this through teaching story writing classes.  Check her out at the link below, you'll love her work and her ideas.

Today I Create

another 365 project – art is autobiographical

My friend Carol is venturing on her own 365 Project: Art is Autobiographical, and we've committed to cheering each other on over the course of the year.  Carol's project entails a drawing a day for a year!  I applaud your creative courage, my friend!  I think this will find you great rewards.

Check it out here:  Art is Autobiographical


This is a 365 Project – wherein I will endeavour to post a photo a day for a year.  

I needed a creative kick in the pants.  And I have been wanting to get back to a more basic daily diary keeping – a basic capturing of my daily comings and goings and getting down those significant moments, without mind to "good" writing or story.  Unlike my main blog, which encompasses many little stories and encounters, this project will evolve as a story over time, it will grow and change as each day unfolds. 

A photo journal fits.  I just like to take pictures, and I take a lot of them.  Sometimes I take photographs to help me find the appropriate words later. Sometimes I just like an image and can't articulate why. Or because I don't want to forget a moment. 

Sometimes there are no words.