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Fridge Poem 10Dec11

winter saturday celebrating

It's one of those most luscious winter Saturdays.  I watched large flakes falling down thick and heavy over my morning coffee, having a private celebration of the day of this daughter's birth twenty-six years ago.  Every year she is lovelier than she was before, and I am lucky to get to share in her life.

I love the nesting tendencies that take over in January.  And today, it's a rare, quiet Saturday, and all about the nesting - cooking, washing floors, cleaning in corners, washing rugs, throws and bedding, reading recipes, mandala painting and journalling.  And playing with random word magnetic poetry as I look out the window to a lovely January scene. 

celebrating winter with lazy coffee moments
and gorgeous chocolate secrets
that melt the ice
while dreaming of summer gardens with  you

Jan8-2011 Best 
I hope your Saturday is luscious too.

“dance with the crap”

…and so sayeth the random draw of the fridge magnet poetry words on Sunday the 22nd of August, 2010. 

Maybe it's a pep talk for the turning around of the Monday?


random word fridge magnet poem for a holiday monday



goddess girl

and chant your slow champagne symphony

know the cool diamond water music on your skin



first random word fridge magnet poetry on the new fridge

she said her poetry haunts him


like a sacred ship on a purple morning


fridge magnet poetry

the girl had a naughty muse
words came sweet
pictures beautiful
every shoreline walk that summer
finding joy and wet hair

fridge magnet poetry

she can’t dance
yet beautiful shines her every