bright sun and a bright comedienne

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Out for a walk, taking a break from the office this afternoon.  At first I'm chilled from sitting in air conditioning all day; but I'm perspiring before long – the sun is bright and hot.  

I'd like to say I wander aimlessly, but really I point my compass away from the humanity crowding the sidewalks.  At one point, I walk into Lombard Street, also named "Gilda Radner Way" after Gilda's Club.  I'm enamoured with this particular building, which turns out to be the College of Makeup Art and Design, and as much with the sun playing on the building's fascade.  


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    Steve capelin September 9, 2012

    Sun, beautiful sun. We’re just entering our spring and the sky is uninterrupted blue. We could do with some rain in fact.
    Picking up a new camera today. It’s been 3 months of confusion and dithering, but i know a lot more about the modern cameras on the market. Ended up buying a Canon G12 if that means anything – manual controls and a viewfinder – but I will still be able to put it in my jacket pocket.

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    Jennifer September 10, 2012

    Happy to hear you’re having a beautiful introduction to spring. Have fun with that camera! I think it’s a good idea to have one you can carry in your pocket – because then you WILL carry it with you. Can’t wait to see the product.

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