blustery wind be damned

It's bloody cold again today.  The wind is bullying its way down Spadina toward the lake, and when you're walking into it, it whips your breath away.  It's probably nothing compared to what it'll be a month from now, but as they say, "it takes awhile for the blood to thicken up."

Anyway, a couple of fortuitous and timely text messages around noon led to me facing that wicked wind up a short way to hook up with my sister for a beer later in the afternoon following her shift in the "plant" (CBC TV).  Okay, mostly I ran – that gnarly wind was trying its best to knock me over, and so the only thing to do is just rev up and run into it.  

There are few things better than a spontaneous few hours with a sister.  A short walk finds a warm pub, a few pints and even a shared bowl of poutine.*  And all things and are now caught up, off our chests, worked out, planned, agreed, arranged, shared and justified.  Even the poutine.


*For the benefit of my non-Canadian friends, poutine is a sinful French-Canadian concoction of french fries, gravy and cheese curds.  When the wind is blowing like that, poutine is 100% justifiable. And well, beach wear is months away…


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    Marilyn December 6, 2010

    I like your version of sister time (not sure about the poutine).
    I recently had quite a bit of sister time but it was more knitting, crochet, patchwork, fabrics ….I like the sound of life dusted down and sorted over a couple of beers more I think 😉
    Oh, my sister time was good though and we were gathered to be with Mum so it really was more Mum time.

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    Jennifer December 6, 2010

    Ah yes, well your Mum really needed to have the Mum time lately, but there is always the need to get some serious sister time in, and as you say, get life dusted down!

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    reluctant blogger December 6, 2010

    Sounds just perfect. I had never heard of poutine but now that I have I am determined to try it. Funny how there can still be foods I have never heard of.

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    Jennifer December 6, 2010

    Well you might have to come to Canada to get it! And you’d be welcome!

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    lisahgolden December 7, 2010

    The warmth of a sister, shared poutine and beer. Even my cold toes feel better.

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    Jennifer December 8, 2010

    Aw, glad to hear it!

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    Selma December 10, 2010

    I saw poutine on Anthony Bourdain’s travel show. It looks fantastic. I am longing to try it. One day….
    And those winds do take a lot of getting used to.

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    Jennifer December 12, 2010

    When, someday, you visit Canada – I will treat you to some poutine!

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