beauty on the way to work

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These beautiful blown glass flowers are encased in the ceiling of the entrance outside the Soho Hotel – camera pointing straight up. Just walking under them gives me pleasure. Wellington Street, Toronto.

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I was enchanted with that sprinkler alarm. Pearl Street, Toronto

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Wondering if this blog should have extra categories: gates, and brick. Pearl Street, Toronto.

This morning I took a windier route to work than usual, sticking into some smaller, less busy "back" streets.


  1. Selma May 4, 2012

    Those glass flowers are just stunning. I am struck time and time again by how lovely your city is. I would have such fun there!

  2. Julie May 4, 2012

    You have a wonderful urban eye, Jennifer. I am glad you are taking me along on your back routes to work.

  3. Jennifer May 5, 2012

    Thanks pal. It’s got lots of beauty in it. Being overtaken by glass towers at the moment, and I am among those concerned about the seemingly unrestrained speed at which the old is being replaced by the new.
    It sure would be fun to show you my city one day!

  4. Jennifer May 5, 2012

    Well I’m sure glad to have you along on the journey, Julie! Thanks!

  5. Carol May 7, 2012

    Those flowers are just amazing! Beautiful! I’m not surprised that you smile when you walk under them!
    C x

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