beautiful thing seven – richard manuel

Richard Manuel, Rick Danko and The Band.



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    Mike February 12, 2011

    here’s another beautiful thing from 1970:

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    Mike Stone February 12, 2011

    Fabulous. Canada’s greatest band. I saw Rick Danko in Windsor around 1990 at that old theatre on Erie Street -The Centre? -He was pretty drunk, but it was still a great show.

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    Jennifer February 12, 2011

    VERY beautiful. Of my favourite Van songs. Thank you Mike.

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    Jennifer February 12, 2011

    My sisters and I were there too Michael – have we talked about this? Yes, the second half of the show, thanks to Colin Linden, was great. My sister Jane – who wasn’t a huge Band fan, dragged Cathy and I (huge Band fans) upstairs to meet Rick after the show. He was a gentleman – a drunk gentleman, but…

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    Mike Stone February 13, 2011

    Wow cool! I thought Colin Linden was first…do you recall the year exactly? You met met him?! *Jealous*….I remember it was a really frigid night. My girlfriend and I walked there from Church Street, but she insisted we take a cab home, it was so cold.

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    Jennifer February 13, 2011

    Yes, Linden was first – but then he came out again during Rick’s set, because of the drunk thing. He saved it, helping him do The Weight and others. As I recall, the half of the audience that stayed were brought to life by Linden.
    It was funny – we made my sister Jane come – she wasn’t the Band fan that Cathy and I were, but we made it a ‘sister night.’ Cathy and I were feeling kind of sad because of Rick’s state. Jane (always a bit of an upstart) disappeared after the show, and then came down and dragged Cathy and I upstairs to meet Rick. A couple of the people up there made some piggish remarks, but Rick showed class – was kind and chatty (as much as he could in his state) with us. I think he died a year or so later (?).

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    Jennifer February 13, 2011

    And yes Mike, it was bloody cold! I came to live around the corner, but at the time lived out on Texas Road…

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    Mike Stone February 13, 2011

    Ok I forgot that he came on to help Rick out. Yeah it was soon after that he passed on. Poor ol’ Rick. One of my heroes.

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    Mike February 13, 2011

    Rick’s last show was at the Ark in Ann Arbor, I had considered going but was aware of poor performances recently and decided not to.
    Here’s a sad description of that final show, sorry Jen, not a beautiful thing…

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    Jennifer February 13, 2011

    Yes, well it was really sad seeing him that way – not beautiful, true. But it was very beautiful to see the way the half of the audience that stayed, and a couple of muscians rallied around him and it pulled him together somewhat. A beautiful testament to what he had come to mean to people, to what his music had done for them.

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    Mike February 13, 2011

    It would be a difficult thing to witness and there is nothing more beautiful than the support of someone in that situation.

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