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Morning coffee and newspaper reading at Cathy's house by the large window overlooking the pretty backyard.  I adore the drama of trees in winter.  

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Sometimes I really miss having a backyard.  The garden, hanging out the laundry, and looking out at it over breakfast on a winter's day.


  1. Lisa Golden January 5, 2012

    Lovely. I’m reminded of this quote I read this morning.
    Winter dawn is the color of metal,
    The trees stiffen into place like burnt nerves.
    ~ Sylvia Plath

  2. Carol January 6, 2012

    I love the way the light is hitting the decking on the second picture…it makes it look like the pattern you get on the bark of a tree which fits rather wonderfully with the first pic. You are a clever lady!
    C x

  3. Jennifer January 6, 2012

    Beautiful. It is the colour of metal – beautifully so, no?

  4. Jennifer January 6, 2012

    Well, not so clever, really – I was merely trying to catch the essence of the kitchen table by the window. The light on the decking is enhanced by the snow, I think.

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