another week around some beautiful moments

Maybe we should all be really thankful for winter if only because we get to experience such an appreciation for the onset of spring.  My world is readying for the grand re-birthing of nature in all her glorious forms and we're celebrating already.  Here are some moments of beauty from a sunshiny week in which sits the fifteenth day of thirty in posting such:

  • A whistling bus driver who barks me good day: “Have a great one darlin”
  • Air that no longer bites my skin but touches it. (In a month or two it will be kissing it.)
  • A really good cup of strong tea, made for me by a colleague with herbs sent to him from his peeps back in East Jerusalem
  • Bright and real smiles from strangers in the street – if we could just bottle this sunshine…
  • An expanded network of lovely and talented blogland people, because I took a risk with some creative play in Magpie Tales
  • Birdsong. The birds are going bonkers, just like humanity, with the spring-like weather
  • Longer days. Going outside at the end of the work day and finding sun setting everything under it aglow and lighting the very air around you in purples and golds and blues
  • Long walks. I'm once again enjoying the spiritual and psychological as well as healthful benefits of extended walking on sidewalks that were laden with snow and ice only a few weeks ago
  • Planning two summer vacations, one with an old and dear friend and one with a special niece and thinking about another summer season spent outdoors


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    Susannah March 12, 2010

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful moments – I look forward to reading them (it gives me a beautiful moment too!) 🙂

  2. Reply
    Jennifer March 12, 2010

    Thank you for stopping by to read the Susannah!

  3. Reply
    Jerry March 13, 2010

    You recognize those little wisps of beauty around you…and grab it and latch onto it. We all should.

  4. Reply
    Jennifer March 13, 2010

    Yes we should. Definitely. For lots of reasons.

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