angry people make better tv

And thus the real protesters, and the real issues get ignored.  Why are the mindless acts of the window breakers so much more interesting than real, thinking, caring citizens?



  1. fire byrd June 29, 2010

    I think it’s happening more and more people are marching, ordainary people not out to make trouble just wanting to make a stand against injustice as they see it.
    But of course news is about chaos and violence.
    BTW who is Stephen Harper?

  2. Jennifer June 30, 2010

    I hope more and more people are marching. If we watch too much tv we’ll be scared to. (hmmm)
    LOL Stephen Harper is Canada’s Prime Minister. (Not real popular with the social issues crowd. He was formerly leader of the extreme right party in Canada. Engineered a merger with the Conservatives to try and get more votes to the right. It worked. Subsequently was elected and filled his cabinet with more extremists and moderate conservatives are vacationing in Bermuda or something.)

  3. Selma July 7, 2010

    It’s true. The media just want drama drama drama. There is very little coverage of the feelgood stuff. It’s a shame the peaceful protestors were ignored because now they won’t get their message across as they should.

  4. Jennifer July 8, 2010

    Yeah they got practically no airtime. Boy, the actions of the police are still being talked about though. Sigh.

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