above ground

You know, certain parts of most of my days are focused on me getting above ground again.  This video made me think about the coming above ground part.  I should always view it as rising to the new, and to not expect.  Like a goldfish?

(This video encouraging me to see like a goldfish: beautiful thing seventeen.)


It's late winter.  Bloody hell.  But I'm finding beauty.  Are you?


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    Selma March 3, 2011

    That’s awesome. I like right at the end where they are looking up at the Empire State building and you see the birds flying. I loved it!

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    kelly March 5, 2011

    seriously, will this winter ever end? finding beauty is becoming a struggle, thanks for sharing a bit here.

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    Jennifer March 6, 2011

    Yes, I love that part too! Such a beautiful symbol of hope.

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    Jennifer March 6, 2011

    No kidding eh? We had “springtimey” rains for the past couple of days, and now looking to get another dumping of snow. I share the struggle, Kelly.

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