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This website is about inspiration. Searching for it. Finding it. Keeping it. Being it. Sharing it.

When I was learning how to teach English as a second language, I discovered the loveliest of words: realia. In education, realia [ree-ay-lee-uh] refers to objects or activities from real life which are used to strengthen learning in the classroom. In the minds of philosophers, realia is anything that is real. In my writing and creative endeavours I seek inspiration in realia; by exploring realia I learn about myself and my world.

why you should journal too
I am pretty much relentless in preaching the benefits journalling in every class I teach. Journaling is a fundamental tool for lifelong learners, writers, artists, teachers and people in general.

If you want to see things more clearly, write about the things you see in a journal. If you want to be transformed by the things you learn, reflect on what that learning has to do with you in a journal. If you want to foster the creative process, write freely in a journal. If you want to improve your writing and communication skills, write in a journal regularly. If you want to re-discover your authentic self – well, you know what to do.

Journaling makes you more aware, it causes you to focus on what’s going on within and around you and to think more critically. Journaling teaches you to write and think freely, and therefore enhances creativity and opens your mind to alternative ideas and options. If you journal, you are more likely to be aware of, and act upon, the hundreds of fleeting ideas and inspirations that thread in and out of your consciousness every day.

If you are aware of the things that inspire you, you are more likely to seek them out; you are more likely to gravitate to the things, people and situations that fulfil you.

walk the talk, sister
It is my intention to substantiate these ideas by walking the talk. So this website is also the carrying on of my own public journaling adventure, one begun some years ago. This website is a firsthand exploration of the myriad inspirations and stories found in realia. It’s a great big beautiful world. This is my window on it.

Pay attention – there’s a story everywhere you go.

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